Psycho-sexual Development

Psychosocial Stage Is the stage that Is based on an organ that gives pleasure during a certain part of development. This organ Is an erogenous zone during that stage of life that can make us feel good. The psychosocial stage has five different stages, namely oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latency stage and genital stage. The first stage is oral stage; experiencing this stage makes me feel that my mouth and lips are the center of pleasure.
I experienced being fixated, like I was over eating, talking too much and biting sarcasm. The second psychosocial stage is anal stage, which we can experience when we are two to three years of age. We tend to eliminate waste any time and anywhere. This problem can be solve through what we call “toilet training”. Learning to do so can help Individual to develop pleasure of holding their waste to please their mother’s. Some Individual are late bloomers and they tend to learn toilet training until they were five years old.
I remember when I was 3 years of age, I am already trained about this “toilet training” that’s why my parents told me one of the unforgettable words I heard, ‘*very good we don’t need you to wear diaper an” There are lot of advantages learning toilet training during anal stage, the best of the advantages is the lesser use of diaper. The third stage is phallic stage; this can be experienced when we are around four to six years of age. At this age, we learned the difference between male and female.

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During phallic stage, male gets Jealous of his ether and feels like wanting to replace him. Male individuals at this age can also feel castration anxiety, the fear of castration meaning being afraid to be circumcised. On the other hand, female Individuals feel Like blaming their mother for not Glenn them pennies Like the male one’s have. I experience this blaming thing when I tried to pee like my brother. During phallic stage males excessively concerned being masculine in appearance and actions while females feels excessive need and demand for equality treatment with men.
The fourth stage is the latency stage, latent means hidden. This stage can be experienced when we are six to twelve years old. In this stage, we tend to play music and different Instruments, and play different sports we love. No further psychosocial development takes place during this stage. The fifth and last stage is genital stage, In this stage the focus Is on one’s genitalia, their own sex organ as their erogenous zone for pleasure. This can be experienced from thirteen years old onwards; this Is also the stage of being curious about sex.
The individual develops a strong sexual rest of a person’s life. Studying and experiencing psychosocial stage gives me a lot of knowledge about when and why individual experience these stages during birth up to the present age. Also, studying psychosocial stage gave me more views and helped me answer different questions inside my mind. Most of all, it lessens my curiosity. By studies and experiences I can share different lessons and story with different people, especially the young ones about how each one of us develops as we grow older.

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