Obstacles to Self-Actualization: If the tendency toward self-actualization is innate, why are more adults not self-actualized? Maslow estimated that only 1% of adults are self-actualized. If he’s right, why is this the case? Based on Maslow’s theory (which you can find described in detail in the chapter on motivation), how would you explain it? How would Freud explain it? How would a cognitive psychologist explain it?
What are four kinds of personality disorders? What are three contributing factors in the four personality disorders you chose? How does one’s personality affect her/his self-esteem and her/his violence level? Can low self-esteem help an individual to create an over-inflated or an “idealized self” of her/his portrayal of the world?
In reference to Freud’s, Rogers’, or Eysenck’s theories, is one guided by free will or determinism? Does an individual have the ability to be consciously aware of what she or he does or says and how does one’s upbringing affect/not affect this conscious awareness?
What is Groupthink? Explain this phenomenon using research on conformity, obedience, and group polarization (explain what these are and how they are different from one another). Provide at least one example of how Groupthink led to a bad decision. How can Groupthink be prevented?
Describe the “Trait Perspective,” list different traits, and give at least two real-life examples where understanding more about your personality traits might be helpful. Does everyone fit into these categories? What purpose does the Trait Perspective have and should it be used as a guide for things like job compatibility and educational endeavors?

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