Quadruple Aim Six Sigma

I need my paper to be revised. Here are the professor recommendation. I got 86 % for my draft please help. I attached the paper and when you open the document itself you will see the other issues the professor has pointed out. Thank you.

this is a really interesting and well-written paper. Following are my recommendations for improvement.

1.    Paragraphs are too long and several sections are missing references review.

2.    Review the 5th page of the topic outline to ensure your paper contains the correct sections. Recommend ensuring your paper contains the sections outlined there.

3.    I could not find your business framework (i.e. Cost Analysis, Value Chain, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Plan).

4.    The quadruple aim is intended to serve as a foundation for your project. Review the graphic for the paper on black board For your project – what healthcare problem do you want to improve? What quadruple aim segment does your project align with? Lastly, you are to identify a business framework to be used to implement your intervention.

5.    All in all your content is good need to make the changes above to ensure an excellent paper.

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