Qualitative critique

Review the Open, trusting relationships underpin safety in rural maternity a hermeneutic phenomenology study (PDF) (I WILL UPLOAD THE ARTICLE.) article from Crowther and Smythe.
Using this discussion’s qualitative critique rubric, discuss the article using Chapter 7 in the Galvan Literature Reviews text. To view this rubric, click the Settings drop-down list (Settings Icon) and select Show Rubric
Use APA format.
Create an academic, scholarly paper with an opening, body, and conclusion.

Guidelines for Critique of Qualitative Research



Introduction: Statement of the Problem

Introduction: Literature Review

Introduction: Theoretical or Conceptual Framework

Introduction: Research Questions

Method: Research Method and Design

Method: Sample Plan

Method: Data Collection

Method: Procedures

Method: Rigor of Instrument

Results: Data Analysis

Results: Findings

Results: Theoretical Integration

Discussion: Interpretation of the Findings

Discussion: Implications/Recommendations

Global Issues: Presentation
Opening paragraph Body of the paper (the critique, using the information above)

Global Issues: Summary Assessment

Global Issues: APA, Grammar, Spelling, Writing of the Critique
Use of APA style Proper grammar No misspellings Professional style without judgement or jargon Organized, concise writing

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