A short statement to build rapport is fine, but optional.

Thank the customer (me) for the meeting, and tell him that you would like to ask some questions.

Situation Questions
Ask multiple situation questions so you can demonstrate that you understand how to use these questions to gather information that is necessary in ultimately making your sales pitch. How many situation questions? That depends on how relevant your questions are. A minimum would be 5-6, but more may be needed. 

Problem Question 
Ask one (1) problem question.

I will respond based on your written directive from Part 1 of the assignment.

Implication Questions
Ask 3 to 6 implication questions. 

Needs Benefit (Payoff) Question

Ask one (1) needs benefit question.

I will respond.

F-A-Bs: Present two (2) different FABs.

Handling Objections
Ask me for a commitment, i.e., can we move forward, can I have your commitment, can you sign the contract now, etc.

I will pose an objection (based on the one that you gave me in Part 1). 

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