question corrections

Correct the following questions. For multiple choice, for the multiple choice question attached, explain why the answer was wrong before, and state the correct answer and explain why it is right.

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This is the questions and answers. Question 4 and 5 is wrong. Answer them based on the answers in the previous questions

1. Design a research study examining the correlation between two variables, and answer each of the following questions about it. Answers must have sufficient detail to express your understanding of the concept.

  1. Describe the study.
  2. What is the hypothesis (must include direction of correlation)?
  3. What are the variables and their operational definitions?
  4. What type of sampling does it use and why?
  5. Explain whether you can draw conclusions about causality from this study, and why or why not.

Your Answer:

1. The study involves how exercise is related to higher self esteem in individuals.

2. The hypothesis is that people who exercise more, tend to have a higher self esteem

3. The independent variable is the exercise and the dependent variable is the self esteem. The independent variable is the exercise because the people are all going to exercise and can be given the same workout. The dependent variable is the self esteem because the level of self esteem depends on if they exercise or not.

Exercise is the movement of individuals, self esteem is how one person feels about themselves as a whole

4. The type of sampling that it uses is

5. Yes conclusions can be drawn from this study because it is concise and both exercise can be measured using quantitative data.

In this, answers 4&5 are incorrect. Correct them.

The attached document is the multiple choice question that is correct.

For this one, explain why the answer was wrong before, and state the correct answer and explain why it is right.

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