Questions to answer, NOT ESSAY !!!

Read carefully each question and answer it. I prefer you put question first and then the answer so I can see which question goes to which answer. Also check attached document in order to answer the questions. 

From here it starts :: Read CAREFULLY !!!

Stress, which can be found in all aspects of life, is subjective, and not all individuals respond in the same way to the same stressor. Everyone has a unique level of stress tolerance, our ability to cope with changing conditions and unexpected negative events.
There is an increasing link between work-related stress and negative individual and organizational outcomes. Stress takes a toll on organizations in many ways, including decreased performance, low morale, resistance to teamwork, absenteeism, theft, sabotage, burnout, higher health care costs, and high employee turnover. 
Developing skills and techniques for managing stress will make you more resilient and better able to adapt successfully when confronted with sources of stress. Stress management strategies, whether practiced as treatment or as prevention, fall into two broad categories. Cognitive strategies are designed to influence our thinking, emotions, and well-being. This approach can include identification of negative thoughts, positive self- talk, and a focus on beliefs and attitudes. Behavioral strategies focus on changing behavior to improve one’s situation and can include time management, problem solving, goal planning, and healthy lifestyle adjustment.

This are the only two questions you need to answer keep in mind you have to look in the attached document in order to answer it:

1.  Consider the signs of stress in the attached document and identify, in paragraph form, which most affect/have affected you and how you should deal with them …effectively.
2. Choose the top three signs of stress that you believe would impact a team’s productivity and effectiveness. Explain your choices in paragraph form.

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