Racial Discrimination Essay

Racial Discrimination

It seems that for a longer than expected timeline the minority populations residing within the U.S. are bound to experience subtle as well as blatant forms of racial discrimination. This paper compares and contrasts four newspaper publications delving on the issue albeit from slightly different perspectives. These include: Niraj Chokshi’s 2017 story titled 2 black women sue Fox News, claiming racial discrimination; BBC’s 2015 narrative, McDonald’s sued for racial discrimination in Virginia: Commentary: Can a white child dress as a Halloween character from another race? by Osamudia James in 2017, and Trump’s claim that a racial discrimination suit was ‘brought against many real estate firm’ published by Glen Kessler in 2016.

From the four articles it is clear that failure to proactively offer objective opinions concerning racial discrimination within U.S. boundaries would be morally and ethically wrong as well as against the Constitution’s spirit. Other than the BBC (2015) editorial, there appears no noticeable bias in the manner the subject matter is addressed. Relative to this partic

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