Read paragraph below, answer questions in an essay format (U.S. History)

Missouri Compromise (1820) to Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)

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Discuss the ways the Missouri Compromise worked to calm the sectional  dispute between slave v. non-slave holding states. What was concern  with Missouri entering the Union? How was Missouri’s geographic location  part of the issue? In what territory did the Missouri Compromise apply?  Be sure to provide clear and complete explanation of what the Missouri  Compromise did.

Then turn to the Kansas-Nebraska Act and explain how it “undid” much  of what the Missouri Compromise had accomplished. Why did Steven Douglas  push for passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act? What did the  Kansas-Nebraska Act do? What did it’s passage do to the conflict between  slave v. free soil supporters? Why did the Kansas-Nebraska Act cause  such concern?

And finally, what were the consequences of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?  What actions were taken by those who supported and those who opposed it  in terms of what it allowed? There are two major consequences of the  Kansas-Nebraska Act that you should be able to identify and explain.

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