Renaissance Art Essay

Renaissance art


The Renaissance Art Movement ran from the 14th Century to the 16th Century. It has its origins in Italy and gradually spread across the expansive European continent depicting the political, religious, economic and social environment prevalent at the time. The effects of this art movement are still witnessed in today’s visual art and literature.

The term renaissance translates to mean a revival. The Renaissance period was a time when many artists, more so in Italy were of the view that art had lost its progressively continued to lose its splendor since the collapse of ancient Greek and Roman empires[1]. Renaissance artists were in admiration of the works reminiscent of the Classical Age and sought to revive the grandeur once exhibited through art during the Classical Age. This essay seeks to discuss Pieter Aertsen of the Renaissance period and more so critically discuss his work titled Butcher’s Stall, 1551 as his contribution towards the Renaissance Art Movement.

Denunciation of the Middle Ages

The Middles Ages are a dark and gruesome past of western civilization which neared its end as the 15th Century was ushered in. During this time, religion played an integral role in all aspects of the society, political, social, economic or otherwise. Little care was accorded to life on earth as human life was considered to be a transitional phase into the next world. The Italians began to accord more thought and time in the need to fervor to the immediate world[2]. They began to explore a new notion referred to as humanism whereby common norms of absolute obedience to authority, questioning faith and discipline were subjected to debate.

Pieter Aertsen’s Butcher’s Stall, 1551.

Pieter Aertsen was a 16th Century artist appreciated as a pioneer of still life and genre painting portraits. A Dutch native, Aertsen’s parents lived in Amsterdam and it is in this city that he was born. He is recorded as having joined the painter’s guild in

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