Renaming the Goddess. Explain Umansky’s argument

1. Renaming the Goddess. Explain Umansky’s argument or complaint with
Plaskow and Gross’s ideas to use goddess imagery to enhance the Jewish
tradition for females. Who do you agree with, Umanksy or Gross and
Plaskow? Why?
2. Umansky claims Christian theology allows for more interpretations than
Jewish traditions permits (189)…explain. Do you agree or disagree?
3. Explain what Umanksy describes as Jewish Feminist Theology as
Responsive Theology. What place does women’s experience play in
responsive theology? What is Aggada and how is it an important source for
Jewish feminist theology?
4. What are some parts of the Akedah that Umansky re-tells from a female point
of view, i.e. Sara’s? Do you think her retelling characterizes a female point of

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