Research Analysis Assignment

Week 6 Research Analysis Assignment

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For this assignment, you will critically review this research study:

This assignment will provide an opportunity for you to apply the course concepts in practice as a critical reader of the literature. Remember, it is your assessment of the research study in each of these areas that is important. It is not a matter of just stating the information, but critically evaluating its use, the study methods employed, and the conclusions drawn as a result. Use your own words; do not use directly quoted information.  You should also think about how this study, the study methods, and the outcome might inform contemporary practice and further research in health. The paper should be in the APA format, including a cover page, headers, and a reference page.

Guidelines for HLTH401 Written Research Analysis Paper
Each topic should be labeled with the subheadings as numbered below:
1) Research purpose:  Identify the research purpose as expressed in the assigned research study.
Associations between family income and childrens physical fitness and obesity in California, 2010-2012. Find at least one other research paper on the same or similar topic and give a brief description of how it is the same/different from the assigned research study.
2) Identification of the study:  For the assigned study, identify the type of study, research hypothesis, the variables (independent and dependent), and type of variables used (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, etc.).  Do you think this was the appropriate study design to use for this type of study? Why or why not?
3) Description of methods: Describe methods employed including sampling (what sampling strategy was used), data collection, data analysis, level of significance. Is the methods section adequate? Could you replicate the study based on the information presented?
4) Summary of results: Summarize the results, major key findings, significant or non-significant results. This is an area where you may indicate if you think the summary is sufficient or if you wish to see more.
5) Strengths and limitations:  Describe the strengths and limitations of the study with reference to internal and/or external validity. What threats do you see to the internal/external validity of the study? Do you see other strengths or limitations besides what is described in the article?
6) Ethical issues: Discuss any ethical issues/concerns: Informed consent, IRB approval, vulnerable groups, and ethical implications.  Describe what is available in the article and what else might be considered.
7) Applications: Application to clinical practice and future recommendations for research. Describe the authors recommendations plus add your own opinions/thoughts. How might this study encourage other studies or inform clinical practice or policy?

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