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Human trafficking for commercial sex is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today. Using the attached websites as a foundation for your paper, you will write a 12 to 15 page paper on human trafficking for sex.

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The goal of this paper is to provide an overview of the global sex trafficking trade with specific emphasis on a particular region of your choice. The report by the UNODC has divided the globe into regions with information about human trafficking in each region. You should choose one of the regions designated in that report.

Your paper should provide data on the nature and extent of human trafficking globally and in that particular region. In addition, the paper should include legislative attempts to address the issue, criminal justice reforms, and resources for victims. You should also analyze the effectiveness of the strategies that you have identified. You will then compare your chosen region with the United States.

Sections of the paper are as follows:

* Thesis statement and introduction to the problem- nature and extent of problem globally and in your specific region

*Examples from the academic literature

*Legislative attempts to address the problem globally and regionally and their effectiveness

*Criminal justice reforms – globally and regionally and their effectiveness

*Resources for victims– globally and regionally and their effectiveness

*Comparison of your region to US strategies

*Suggestions for future action

The body of your paper is to be 12-15 pages with a minimum of 12 sources (does not include a title page or reference page). The paper must be in APA format and double-United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – Report on Human Trafficking (Links to an external site.)

National Criminal Justice Reference Service – Human Trafficking

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