Research Paper Assignment (FA 20)

Research Paper Assignment (FA 20)

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You will write a research essay on the same topic you have written your article review on.

  • Region/Country: North America (Canada, US, Both)
  • Topics: choose a topic related to social justice from the following list for research.
  • Homelessness (Addiction/ Drug Abuse)


The essay should be a minimum of 2000 words (not including the title page or references) and follow APA formatting. A title/references page is required, and the essay should follow general paragraph patterns as taught in class. A total of 7-8 paragraphs is required for the assignment (an introduction, 1-2 background paragraph(s), 4 body paragraphs, and a conclusion). It should follow the patterns for paragraph organization and sentence structure according to the class lessons, additional notes, and as available in the course pack. The thesis statement should closely resemble the model discussed in class.

Resources & Evidence:

You will be required to provide at least 15-20 sources of evidence. As a research essay, you should use all possible methods to discover ideas for their topic. This should include the library, Google Scholar, Google Books, news search engines, government agencies and NGO websites, as well as any discipline specific internet websites. Evidence should include the variety of types including expert theory/testimony/interpretation, statistics, agreement, facts, case studies, & examples.

Finding sources Demo Videos:

  • (JSTOR)
  • (EBSCOhost, particularly Academic Search Complete)


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