Response Assignment

 Here are 4 discussion posts by classmates from the 495 class  that need responses. Responses must be APA format, 150 – 200 words per  post, must have at least 1 verifiable/legitimate source per response, in  text citations.

Here are 4 discussion posts by classmates from the 495 class that need responses. Responses must be APA format, 150 – 200 words per post, must have at least 1 verifiable/legitimate source per response, in text citations. Per response Due by Saturday,  December 142019 @ 10 PM


Discussion Post #1

Darryl Duncan

The leadership skills I need to be successful is, finding my key to happiness in the public safety field. Having  a positive attitude when in your job field and motivating others to excel as well. Doing what you love to do will lead you down a successful road as well as a successful future. Find a job that will make you get to work even earlier than you are required to come in. You can teach others the leadership skills you learned as well. Set your expectations high and positive, you shoot for a higher goal, you  will likely exceed the expectations you set in the first place. Don’t be a selfish person, feel free to spread your motivations to other’s that are not motivated in the same field as you are. Make them feel like you welcomed the individuals in to your home with kind hospitality. Don’t just look into the mirror and give yourself on the back. Look outside of the window and praise your team as well for helping you along the journey. Have that team that motivates you thinking like a CEO or executive. Think of all your employees as CEO’s and also maybe even the janitor at your job as well. For example of becoming a motivation to your employees/co-workers, “try to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value– Albert Einstein. Spread your knowledge, celebrate with your team and say we did it, instead of just you. When you just think of yourself, that motivates others To leave or isolate themselves from you. Be a team player and not the ball-hog that scores all the points with no assist on the board. You can look back one day and say I have the best teammates around me and I wouldn’t have done it without them. Thank you all for letting me share my successful leadership goals.


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Discussion Post #2

Rachel Crouch

To be successful in public safety administration, leadership skills must be developed. In my career as a firefighter, I aspire to promote in the near future. Some of the most important leadership skills I believe are critical to becoming a successful public safety administrator in the fire department include (The Military Leader, 2017).

  • Know yourself and seek self improvement.
  • Be a master of your craft. Have tactical proficiency, knowledge, and experience.
  • Make timely and precise decisions.
  • Know your subordinates and look out for their well being.
  • Set the example.
  • Use clear communication.
  • Have passion, inspire, and educate your crews. Train as a team.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility in your crew.

Developing these leadership skills are important in becoming a public safety administrator, in particular a when working in an operations position. Using these leadership skills will ensure that operations are smooth, ensure safety and proficiency, and enable a positive working relationship between the leader and subordinates.

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The Principles of Military Leadership [Day 3]

Discussion #2

Discussion Post #1

Kraig Johnson

  • I’m asking that you’ll take a few minutes to review the discussion topics from the past seven weeks and tell me which of the topics we discussed that you feel were most important.
    • As I have pursued my degree, it has been interesting to me to find out how to identify and incorporate all stakeholders when looking at a problem/issue or action item. Many times when making a decision one does not think about the stakeholders that may be impacted/involved.
    • The communication strategy during week three is a very important aspect that I think is sometimes missed or overlooked. With technological advances and devices now in use it is much easier to communicate with all members of your organization as well as though outside your organization. With this one has to ensure their communication are concise and focused so the receiver of communication does not become inundated with information that may not be pertinent to their position or status.
  • Next, tell me if there are any other subjects that you wish we’d focused on in the class and should be emphasized for future classes.
    • I do not think there are any other subjects we could have focused on. Especially with this being an 8 week class everything that needs to be covered is.
  • Lastly, tell me anything that you’d change in the discussions or in way the class is conducted in the future.
    • Overall there are not negatives that I see in this class in its content or structure. If I would change

Discussion Post #2

Rachel Crouch

Overall, I enjoyed this capstone course. I appreciate the quick feedback for the projects and discussion posts. Work was graded in a timely manner and was relevant and applicable to my current career in public safety.

The most important discussions were identifying the three most significant challenges,  understanding wicked problems, obvious solutions not acceptable, and power point presentations.

I think the most important subjects were covered. The only issue I had in the class were some problems accessing the course content, however overall I feel that this course assisted me with the understanding of how a problem is identified and analyzed, and recommendations are implemented. I was able to choose a topic for the final project that I knew very little about in the beginning of class. I had no idea that cyber crime was such a significant  issue in public safety organizations, and in society in general. I enjoyed learning about something new and how it applies to public safety organizations. Thank you for a great class!



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