response paper religion

You will find below a series of movies/documentaries/videos that cover many of the religious traditions of Asia that we covered (or will cover) in the first half of the semester. You may use these, and others that I will provide closer to the end of the semester, to produce Extra Credit “Response Papers” PLEASE CHOOSE 3 OF THEM and each of them in a different file

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Each Response Paper should be exactly 2 pages in length, double-spaced, and should essentially summarize the presentation that you’ve viewed. These are synopses that respond to the following question: “How does this particular video representation teach me about things either not represented in Mary Pat Fisher’s text or Dr. Snow’s lectures?”

“The Story of India” (6 parts, 1 hour each)

“The Long Search, Hinduism: 330 Million Gods”

“Frontiers of Peace: Jainism”

“The Buddha: Full Documentary”

“Zen Buddhism”

“Footprint of the Buddha”

“Taoism: A Question of Balance”

“Opening Dao”


“Confucius Biography”

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