Retional for Design Science Research

Before I explain the task, I want to briefly explain my research background and method. Remember, you have to read the a good part of the thesis with utmost care to be able to complete the task. You must read Hevner’s paper that I attach with this task. However, I will provide you with hints for each task.

Background: My discipline is Information Systems (IS) and my research is about developing an evaluation technique for online surveys. As part of my thesis, I developed this online survey software among other things. This online survey software is used to collect data from participants of various studies. These studies are hosted by the online portal u-care. The entire facility is part of the U-CARE research program where the idea is to deliver care online via the u-care portal. Basically, researchers/therapists/practitioners conduct studies via the u-care portal, where participants are added and put randomly into different groups (control/treatment/reference). Participants are asked periodically to fill in online questionnaires via the u-care portal during their study process. My research idea here is, I log participants activities while they are answering surveys/questionnaires. For example, when respondents open a questionnaire, answer a question, go to the next page, change answers, delete answers, and submit questionnaires and so on. I call this process Respondent Behavior Logging (RBL). The idea here is, by looking into the log data, we can develop a system of inquiry to evaluate the effectiveness of questionnaires/surveys. Therefore, researchers may then discover shortcomings of questionnaires/surveys i.e., bugs, flaws, or improvement opportunities.

Method: Since my primary area of research in Information Systems (IS), therefore, my research contribution must be in the field of IS among others. I am following Design Science Research (DSR). Basically, in DSR, an artifact is to be developed (i.e. RBL) which has to be unique, relevant, and innovative. The artifact must be evaluated rigorously. The impact of such artifact has to be significant and solve real-world problems.

Task: Open the thesis.pdf file. There are 2 tasks in this thesis. Hints for each task are marked in yellow in the thesis. Please browse through the thesis and find those yellow tasks so that you know the context in which the text should fall into.
1.    Task #1 in page 39 (marked in yellow). The answer for this task should be 1 page long.
2.    Task #2 in page 54 (marked in yellow). The answer for this task should be just 3 page long.
Please feel free to ask questions. I really appreciate if you do that.

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