Review on My Name Is Khan

To write a review about a film which contains not only the magical combo of Shahrukh Khan-Kajol-Karan Johar but also something different from melodramatic love story or usual remake of hardcore commercial film is pleasurable. My Name Is Khan has a excellent point to a class of audience who likes to watch Shahrukh Khan in a different characteristic. But the film does not show the excellence enough to get a perfect worship from all audiences and critics.
In the movie Rizwan embarks on a touching journey and gets the true recognition of his love,love for Mandira_we reveal a simple but touchy characteristic of an ordinary man’s love,we go through an extra ordinary journey. The movie has some points for which it can be appreciated. Firstly, though such story is not brand new but it has a fresh and own style of presence. Though it can not pass through the mark, made by movie like Forrest Gump but the point is it is not bullshit in any sence. MNIK also gives you a massage and create a different and sometime authentic feelings while you are watching.
Secondly,the script makes you feel for the character. It is not Shahrukh Khan,it is Rizwan Khan for whom you will think. It is not chiffon sarees or bubbly dialogue for which you will adore Kajol,it is Mandira. It is a woman who really reflect the motherly affection, a loving and caring wife. Thirdly, the tempo of the movie. It has many subplot but they are quite interesting. It’s an exceptionally relevant to a concept-the unity of nations is of paramount importance, We are all coming together to fight for a common cause – called humanity.

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Everyone knows that terrorism has no religion and it will never have a religion. As a film, it tries to show social responsibility and the character tries to fulfill that from their position. Though the specificity of activities is not beyond question. Fourthly, the movie can clear it’s idea. It’s not all about a disabled man’s fight against disability. It’s a disabled man’s fight against the disability that exists in the world—terrorism, hatred, fighting. My Name is Khan is also about Islam and the way the world looks at Islam but it not takes any sides.
It only tries to say that there are only good people and bad people. There are no good Hindus, bad Hindus, good Christians, bad Christians. Either you are a good person or a bad person. Religion is not the criterion, humanity is. Fifthly, all the actors and actresses has done well. Specially Shahrukh-Kajal combo has got another dimension in bollywood after this movie. Kajal has done very well. Her maturity is used very consciously. We get Shahrukh in a new and pleasant avatar after Chak De! India and Swades. Zarina Wahab is very good as Rizwan’s mom.
Thanks Shahrukh for making the character more closer to the audience. Yes we can say he can act. Sixthly, the director has used the complexity and complication provoked by rational and regional aspect though it is not totally agreeable in some sense. Moreover sometimes there are many reasons behind any happenings like- 9/11, which can not be described so easily. Moreover, Indian Film Indusrtry don’t have the trend to take a risk by making film relevant to such touchy issues though films like New York ,Kabul Express,Main hoon Na had made.
But they were not totally focused. I am not telling that MNIK is all focused but it has got some solid point to relate with a serious issue. Use of metaphorical shot is also notable. Specially Rizwan holding poster-Repair Almost Anything headlined is a brilliant one. This stands for a meaningful thought. The narrative style of story telling and blending past time and present time is good but continuity error like showing objects which don’t match with the time showed in the movie is not expected.
The narrative style may influenced by The Shawshank Redemption and Godfellas. The ending is quite good but it may be more gothic and more authentic. The journey of Khan may be showed more smartly in accordance with happenings as sometime it has feel us melodramatic. Cinematography is worthy off a hand of applause, specially using the background and wide angle shot. Editing is fine. Thanks Ravi K. Chandran (director of photography) and Deepa Bhatia (editing) Shankar-Ehsan-Loy has done a great job both in soundtrack and background score.
Thanks to the lyricist(Niranjan Iyengar and Javed Akhtar) The songs such as “Noor-e-Khuda” blend western bar blues and techno sounds with Indian classical styles such as Sufi and Hindustani. The soundtrack is thus representative of the “indie fusion genre”. Unlike Karan Johar’s other films, this film has no lip-sync songs. All the songs are in background. “Tere Naina” is a good one. In short The content of My Name Is Khan is diametrically opposite to whatever Karan Johar done in the past. My Name Is Khan is “not all about terrorism, or 9/11.
It’s about a relationship between two people, between an individual and the State, and between an individual and the country. In short, there the three important components: love story, Islam and a mild form of autism. You can watch it. Sometime it is impressive, dramatic, a little bit slow, inspiring, may be controversial but enjoyable too. The pick up line is – There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That’s the only difference in human beings. There’s no other difference.

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