Road Traffic Accident in Kuwait: Retrospective Cohort Study

I need a sample which addresses a comparison in Road Traffic Accident in Kuwait to that of Ireland.
The main goal of the study is to reduce the Road Traffic Accident in Kuwait.

The study perhaps should be a comparative analysis of the risk factors contributing to Road Traffic Accidents in Kuwait vs Ireland.

I need a background picture first (surveillance), i.e. how many traffic accidents per annum in each country.
Then a possible reason of why it is present in high numbers in Kuwait.

The study could be a retrospective cohort study which looks at the outcome (death) or (injury) from Road Traffic Accidents and working back using death certificates or hospital admissions to determine the causes (Risk factors/Exposures) of Road Traffic Accidents.

Compare the restrictive policies and legislations in Ireland that have impacted on the reduction of Road Traffic Accident.

And postulate that similar restrictive policies/legislations may improve the situation in Kuwait.

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