Role Competencies and Expectations

Role Competencies and Expectations
Select one of the following roles, and describe the competencies needed for the role. Identify what role expectations there might be, including any cultural considerations. Identify any concerns you might have in beginning the role and any additional preparation that you think you would need.

A patient educator in a community health clinic located in the Southern United States with high numbers of patients with heart failure and diabetes.
A staff development specialist who will start a nurse residency for new graduates in a moderate-sized health system located in Southern California
A clinical nurse educator assigned to a critical care unit and two adjoining medical/surgical units in a teaching hospital located in a major urban area in the Eastern United States.
Response Guidelines
Respond according to the Faculty Expectations Message guidelines. Identify any additional competencies, potential points of concern, or particularly insightful points that your peer made. How might recent developments in health care have changed the factors to consider in the chosen scenario?

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