Safe Eng 5

You have been hired by a general contractor to provide safety training for 20 construction workers. The first training module will be for fall protection during roofing projects. The workers may work on projects on single-story residential units all the way up to commercial high-rise buildings. Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10 slides to present your training. Your presentation must include the following:
title slide with your name and the topic,
a discussion of how hazard/risk assessments are used to select controls for construction projects,
a summary of the hazards and risks associated with roofing projects,
a summary of at least three control methods that can be used to reduce the fall risk on roofing projects,
your recommendations on which control methods to use for residential construction projects and commercial high-rise projects,
a slide explaining the benefits to the worker to use the selected control methods, and
a reference slide for any sources you use.
Use the notes section within the PowerPoint presentation to explain the contents of the slides to your audience. If you have any questions about creating a PowerPoint presentation, the following tutorial from the Writing Center provides best practices information:

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You can use the textbook, OSHA website, or other professional references in preparing your presentation, but all of your
sources must be cited in the presentation and referenced on the final slide in APA style.
Note that it is possible to find PowerPoint presentations on the Internet (including OSHA’s website) for fall protection. This assignment is designed to prepare you for creating your own presentations. Using a pre-existing presentation from an Internet source is considered plagiarism and could result in a failing grade on this assignment or the class itself. Please take the time to create your own presentation.

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