Security and Development topic

Security and Development topic

Answer only one question, 3000 words, no words margin.

Due on 29 of May 2020.

Harvard referencing

Mere descriptions of existing facts are not enough. The essay must critical and analytical in nature. It must interrogate and critique debatable arguments. 

All academic sources must be credible

  1. Why is there so much controversy over the role of private military companies? In your analysis, consider the implications of ‘markets for force’ (Leander 2005) for development and in/security. Critically discuss, drawing on one or two examples to support your analysis.


Critically discuss the relationship between development, migration and in/security. Draw on one or two examples to support your analysis. I.e. securitization of migration and rise of immigrant’s indefinite detention by Australia. If you select this question, make sure you linked the three concept of development, migration, security/insecurity together in your essay.

This text might be useful in broader understanding of the topic especially with refugees and asylum seekers.

 ‘Border’ is being re-configured in ways that go beyond the demarcation and protection of the territorial boundaries of states, and in this context ideas about how ‘it’ (the border) should be ‘secured’ are profoundly reconfigured. We will discuss the implications of the ‘new’ policing of borders in relation to development and insecurities by drawing on case examples; we focus, for instance, on questions of who stands to benefit from new linkages between ‘border force’ and penal labor, look at examples of agencies and corporations involved, and consider the implications of the denial of protection to those conceived as ‘aliens’. How do borders connect peoples’ fate, and what justifications are given for suppressing or denying these connection.

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