Select three of the products and give your opinion of what went wrong


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Product Success or Failure 4 4 unread replies. 6 6 replies.  Click on the following website Or  copy and paste the link in your browser. This   will give you an understanding that not all new products succeed. Select three of the products and give your  opinion of what went wrong.  Find an article that predicts the “next” big product and do you think it will succeed? Please include the title of the article, date, year of publication and the publication. Remember to comment on one of your classmate’s postings. Classmates’ post: “Not all the products are going to succeed. However ,some products are meant to fail. 1. Watermelon with flavor creme seem quite bad for the consumers eye.I think the first and most important thing when you launch a product is to convince people with what they see. This case is an example of a non mouth-watering cookie. 2.Amazon fire phone is another example of a fail from a big company. Amazon’s goal is to make profit like all multinationals try. However, they neglected the fact of quality on this product. It basically had nothing but a high price attached to it , the consumer did not find any positive and differential characteristic. 3. Trump University failed by trying to use a name of a very famous person in order to attract customers in form of Students. It ended up failing thanks to the low-profile classes and poor rating for students. Eye tribe is for me the future of technology. It is so challenging to imagine the ability of being capable to transfer our eye power to a tablet or computer. Eye tracking will allow a human to interact with a tablet without even touching it. Thinking an eye movement tracker will allow you to click, or slice fruits in “Fruit Ninja” game is impresive. Therefore, by starting interacting with games and simple things technology is getting better and will end up letting us interact with our own smart house in the future by just doing eye movements. Eye Tribe is for me the future of technology both in products and systems. Title: “10 Upcoming Technology That May Change The World” Date : August 3 ,2020 Author : Alvaris Falcon” Ps: the comment on the classmate post dont need to be long at all.

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