Should Bottled Water Be Banned?:Conflicting Viewpoint Essay

Conflicting Viewpoint Essay:Should Bottled Water Be Banned?

The question of whether bottled water should be banned has raised concerns over the decades worldwide. Moreover, people argue differently on this issue as some support and others oppose it. Additionally, the increment of consumption of this commodity for the past decade has left numerous nations with no response to this matter. In my opinion, I find that bottled water should not be banned but proper strategies on the water manufacturing and disposal of the packaging containers are the most important. Although people have different opinions on the ban of bottled water, this substance has diverse effects on the environment, health, and economy.

One of the effects of drinking water is that it safeguards the environment. It is interesting that in countries like the United States, seventy percent of the water packages are recyclable but the majority of them are disposed of on the land and oceans thus harming the ecosystem. Moreover, when individuals believe this opinion, they realize that some opportunities that help to eliminate environmental damage are unutilized. Moreover, minimizing wastage and protection of the surroundings would only be achieved if the water bottles are recycled. Therefore, reuse of the water bottles is the only way to ensure wastage and environmental damages are curbed.

Another consequence of banning bottled water is that the idea promotes people’s health. This aspect is fascinating as argues that the package disseminates micro-plastic substances into the beverage which harms human beings. However, other consumables are packaged in such bottles hence banning the item would not be a solution to people’s health. Additionally, if individuals believe in this opinion, then they would stop consuming all substances that use plastic packages. Moreover, the ban on bottled water would only be vital to people’s health if the packages were manufactured using poisonous substances or were dirty during the time of packing. Thus, individuals’ health would be insignificantly affected by effecting a ban on bottled water. 

Finally, a ban on bottled water saves money as public water springs are convenient and numerous. Interestingly, (2020), claims that packed water is expensive compared to tap water and its sources are numerous and easily accessible. However, this aspect compromises on water cleanliness and does not consider areas with scarce water sources. If I believe in this idea, I will realize that people who reside near water catchments rarely spend on bottled water as the resource is readily available and plenty. Therefore, banning bottled water does not save money but only favors people near the sources.

Individuals have different arguments on the outcomes of banishing bottled water on the surroundings, wellbeing, and economy. If this initiative is implemented, ecological destruction would not be experienced if proper measures such as recycling the bottles are applied. People’s health would also not be interfered with if the packages were produced using unintoxicated substances. Additionally, the prohibition of bottled water would not help save money since only individuals near water sources can avoid this, but others would continue to purchase. Moreover, this aspect has both advantages and disadvantages.

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