Should people be allowed to carry guns on campus?

Should people be allowed to carry guns on campus?

First read:



Then, answer the following questions in the essay :

1)Should people be allowed to carry guns on campus?

a) Why or why not?

b) If so, what restrictions should be enforced?

2)What other changes in policy should take place in order to decrease the amount of gun violence that we face in this state and in this country?

I know that this is a sensitive issue; however, the purpose of this exercise is to both have you work on your research skills as well as to give you an opportunity to engage in critical thinking. So, before you begin, please look at the data. How many guns do Americans/Texans own? What are the restrictions for purchasing weapons? Are there loopholes? What are the rates of gun violence? Gun murder? Gun suicide? And gun accidents? And how do these rates compare to other states and other countries? What policies do they have in place?

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