A. Country of Origin Issues:

Describe and discuss the specific diversity and differences of the target population that resulted in
their experiences differential treatment in the country of origin which shaped their life experiences
and social injustices at the micro mezzo and macro levels, and significantly influenced the decision to
immigration or seek asylum in the United States or another country.

(Note: The response to this item needs to address how the populations diversity and  differences
changed their:

a) access to basic goods, services and education;
b) participation in groups and community life;
c) resulted in neglect or targeted violence and other human rights violations;
d) limitations regarding employment, economic stability, and environmental injustices; and e) political

Identify the country of origins approach (type) to development. That impeded the target
populations social and economic well-being at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Note:
Students must correctly use the theoretical models and terminology presented in class to address
this content.

B. Transitional/Migration Issues:

Identify and discuss the forms, mechanisms, and interconnectedness of oppression and discrimination experienced by the target population as part of their transition to the United States or another country.

(Note: Students need to discuss how theories of justice and strategies that promote human and
civil rights can support amelioration of these issues and experiences.)

Identify the strengths of the target population that illustrate resiliency
and positive one- or two-way engagement in institutions, neighborhoods, and communities, as well as
examples of successful engagement (e.g., access to social, economic, political, and/or
environmental resources that have had a positive effect on human and community well-being).
Use both the concepts of cultural humility and intersectionality to explain how the application of these
frameworks would have had a positive effect in supporting members of the target population as they
transitioned to the United States or another country.
(Note: For this item students must correctly define each concept and discuss how the
appropriate application of these frameworks (at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels) could have
affected [or affected] the target populations transition to the United States or other final destination
as related to social, economic, political or environmental access to resources and
participation in normal need meeting institutions.)

C. Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation:

Identity issues and engage in a discussion of self-reflection and self- regulation regarding potential
personal biases, as well as social and political influences that may negatively influence your
(or other social workers) ability to professionally and ethically engage with and support members of the
target population.

Published professional references (web resources, journals, books). All references must demonstrate the selective use of relevant content. The textbook for this course is not to be used as a reference for the papers.

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