Slavery and Successful Slave Revolt

Prompt: Analyze changes and continuities in long-distance migrations in the period from 1700 to 1900. Be sure to include specific examples from at least TWO different world regions. The first migrations to the Americans were by cattle. The North had more slaves than the South. The South had a successful slave revolt. Trains in Russia caused the serfs to run faster. Teepees were mobile homes for Indians. Bantus migrated to California for the movie industry. Main technology that remained the same in migrations was shoes. Butterfly migration Chinese migrated to escape the weather.
Migration is when a group of girls go to the bathroom together. There is no significant evidence and analysis of immigration to Antarctica. Think about it. Would you rather ride a camel or walk on hot sand? Land migration took longer because animals had to have restroom breaks. The Bantus always had nourishment and body parts to use for economic reasons. Stalin also put outrageous quotas on goods and if the quotas weren’t met, he cut off the limbs of your child. People came to America by cattle. Bantus migrated to Hawaii, where they brought new products.
Adventures of penguins migrating from Antarctica. European pheasants migrated to America Ancient Egyptians migrated to South Africa every summer. When a Chinese person arrives in Egypt, the Chinese norms will be adopted by the Egyptians. When the invention of the train exploded, people were spread all over the world. The Vikings were Jewish. They became Christian when they invaded Europe. Australia was a pit stop for traders. If it wasn’t for the slave trade, President Obama wouldn’t exist and without expansion, Hawaii wouldn’t be a state, so Obama couldn’t be President.

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What’s so special about 1700 to 1900? Nothing. This should be enough. The Amish converted to Muslim and had to leave Amish territory. Jews would run from Germany to America. The Jews who came included Isaac Newton, who helped the U. S. invent the atomic bomb. Some things remain the same when it comes to migration. The Himalayas were located in India and still are. A problem with long-distance migration was in the space from Arica to America had water and other interruptions. Coastal regions were located near water.
Sea migration was faster because you could just float. Bantus migrated to escape forced conversion to Islam and were introduced to Communism, bringing bananas. I hope you liked this break from the boring crap you usually read. Slaves were shipped to American through the Bermuda Triangle. The Bible migrated a lot. Peasants were treated like pets. The Mongols were like a hockey team, going from place to place to annihilate. Zombies will always migrate in search of brains. Trains were s low. Sometimes you could outrun them.
Man y came to North America for job opportunities like trapping the French. The Bantus migrated to America in the 1800s. It took three years. There are no records of this. Birds migrate south for the winter and have been doing so for a long time. When slaves ran away, they often didn’t make it back to Africa. If people migrated through the Arctic, they would be cold. Romans migrated to Southern Connecticut but found life there to be difficult. People are bipolar so they move. Slaves caught the Underground Railroad.

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