social identity in second language learning

Identity in Language Learning & Teaching Assignment

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Examine issues pertaining to identity construction in language learning and


Candidates will incorporate Pavlenko and Blackledge’s (2004) three identities

discussed in chapter 5 of Farrell’s book to frame and explain their research. Candidates

will analyze this research as it pertains to them as language teachers and their

language learners and draw conclusions as to the impact identity construction has on

them and their learners.

Directions/ Format:


Write a 7 page paper (title page & reference page not included in count) using

APA format. Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.


Must have a minimum of 4 resources. They must be reliable and reputable (No

wikis, no blogs) You are conducting and utilizing research!!


Choose the topic you want to research; it must be relevant to you and the idea of

identity construction in language learning in teaching.


Please keep quotes short and no more than 2 per page.

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