Social Reintegration in Public and Family Relations

This is a paper that needs editing.  It is a small essay about the following that I had to write about my journey at the school.  I have take out any reference to my personal name or the school name. See attached paper.

Focus Paper Assignment Guidelines In Perspectives you identified a specific focus area or areas for your degree plan.  For this assignment please provide the title of your focus and write a 1 to 2 page summary of the learning you have completed for this focus area.

Briefly address the following:* What courses did you complete that pertain to this focus; which were most helpful to you?

* If your focus has changed, how has your learning changed with it? 

* Have you completed any Student Designed Learning options such as Internship, Student    Designed Independent Study or Prior Learning Assessment?    If so, in what areas?

* And, generally, upon looking back, do you feel your focus area(s) represents what you wanted to learn, either for your job, career, future plans, or personal growth

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