Sociological journal.

Choose one post 2015 article from a sociological journal. Describe the research and use the theories from class to explain the papers value basis (3 to 4 pages). Journals to consider: social problems, critical sociology, sociology of work & occupations, monthly review. Include the title and author(s), the journal, date of publication, and pages. This involves the selection of one of the syllabus topics covered this semester – anything of interest to you, such as a focus on the capitalist economy vs. a social economy, ideology and socialization, global inequality, poverty, premodren class, gender as labor, education, social control, future democratic options, or even theoretical models if you dare. Then find an academic sociological journal article from published scientific research that expands part of the specific topic into more detailed analysis. i simply want you to integrate the journal article into the readings and lecture materials we have utilized this year. The assignment requires only 3 to 4 written pages to compare the major issues you find of importance and in common with your selected research article. In other words, teach yourself how to examine scientific literature for the specific theoretical meaning explained. Tell me what social problem is central in the article, what theoretical paradigm (values and models of traditional conservative, corporate liberal, or critical conflict) the authors are applying to the problem, and what they suggest is a consequence or solution for this issue. Your values will be part of the analysis based on your understanding of both the theory and the social problems described in the research. enjoy! Required texts: Charles 1. Derber and Yale Magrass: capitalism: should you buy it? First edition. 2014.boulder co: paradigm publishers. 2. robert heiner. Social problems: an introduction to critical constructionism. Fifth edition. 2015. New York: oxford university press. 3. Michael Shwalbe. Rigging the game: how inequality is reproduced in everyday life. Second edition. 2014. New York: oxford university press.

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