sociological perspectives and methods soc 101

The sociological imagination is a significant departure from so-called common sense understandings. Write a 2- to 3-page paper (500 to 825 words) in APA format focused on how sociological research applies key theoretical paradigms in understanding at least one important social problem. Cite and use at least one additional outside source for this paper.

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Your paper must address the following:

1. Provide direct reference to our reading material and define the sociological imagination.

2. Explain in detail how the sociological imagination is important to the scientific work of sociologists. For example, how is the sociological imagination used in sociological research? Provide at least one example.

3. After doing your own independent research, analyze an important issue in society from the sociological imagination perspective and contrast this with a non-sociological analysis.

4. Finally, provide at least one example of how the sociological imagination is currently used in public policy. For example, how is the sociological imagination used in order to deal with affordable housing shortages, combating crime, or city planning?

  • Steele, S. (2011, October 21). Social problems? What is sociology’s contribution? [Video]. Three Minute Sociologist.
  • Richards, S. (2014, April 22). The wisdom of sociology [TEDx Talks].

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