Software Piracy Essay

Software Piracy

Software piracy is also referred to as software copyright infringement. Computers can be instructed to perform perpetually anything, with their limitations being confined to the limits of man only. Authored programs are encrypted with copyright codes to ensure protection from unethical users and purposes. This has been a failure with individuals practicing software piracy going round them or breaking these codes altogether. Majority of the research carried out in Australia with regards to policies being developed to set laws to govern the availability of internet content, has revealed that most users and developers alike, prefer that resources earmarked for such campaigns as filtering of internet content, could be better applied in the sensitization and education of parents and guardians to better understand on how best to supervise use of the internet by minors and better technology to be employed on how to get to deal with cyber criminals.

This is largely because such initiatives previously undertaken have been a complete flop. Legislation to this effect has been shot down repeatedly with government and parliamentary members becoming aware of the implications of such policies. Advice from technical experts in computer technology, provide that the technicality of networking cannot fully meet the objectives of their proposed software piracy policy (Asher, 2009).

A free and unrestricted internet use is perceived by experts as the true reason as to its continuous innovation and progress. This was upheld with the implementation of the end to end principle 35 years past, that development of knowledge over the internet would be best realized if there is no external influence of its content and that unlimited use would positively result in consumer experience.


This principle has arguably been the motivation behind internet success being affordable and on a global platform on which to exchange ideas and products (Bennett, 2009). The internet was designed to accommodate change, and as such innovative applications are always on the cyber highway towards the satisfaction of consumer needs for these applications.

Communities of network engineers, operators, vendors and researchers have held discussions towards continuously refining the end to end user argument to accommodate changes in context of social and technical dynamics of the World Wide Web responsible for formulation of internet standards. Commercial interests in the internet have resulted in the Border Gateway protocol and increase in residential broadband service provision at the detriment of Quality of Service data. This is viewed by industry experts as negative to freedom and innovation and that companies producing these goods tend to position themselves politically for government to use as they may primarily for commercial gain.

The internet has already positioned itself for general use at community level with the improvement of computer hardware and communications technology available. This is not without adverse effects, general use of the internet corresponds not with the increase in demand for the supply of bandwidth, and is easily exposed to cyber attacks, unethical, and illegal use.

The internet requires a lot of real time and skill to be effectively managed. Without appropriate upgrades the end user cannot satisfactorily enjoy the internet experience. The internet tends not to adequately support the perpetual increase of the diversity in applications available failing to meet the requirements favored by researchers, innovators and internet architects.



The aspect of network neutrality has had an effect similar to harassing network engineers and operators to provide for an internet infrastructure and implementation strategy that is ineffective. The alternative is to invite networks related engineers to allow for newer models, services, hard ware and software technologies to address social applications coupled with future and current expectations. It is argued that an appropriate network should be technology independent, transparently disclose

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