Sonia Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey

Students must write a two- to three-page review of Sonia Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey (New York: Random House, 2007). The Pulitzer-Prize winning work has propelled extraordinary interest worldwide in Latin American immigration to the United States, along with intense conversations about the sacrifices Latinx mothers and children make daily to better their lives and the lives of their families. The book—riveting, painful, and brilliantly-written—should propel enthusiasm in immigration history and reform. Using the questions at the end of these instructions, please write a review that provides readers with some general facts about the work. The review should also include your personal assessments about the book.

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Please download and use ONE book review on Enrique’s Journey in your work. Students will find book reviews on the NGL webpage. Go to the NGL main page and then hit the Articles and More link. This will take you to a listing of databases. Go to the alphabetical listing for all databases (You will find this statement listed on the top left side of the page). Then go to the database of your choice under the appropriate alphabetical listing. Individuals will download a book review of their choice using one of the following databases: America: History and Life, JSTOR, or Literary Reference Center. The published review will serve as a template for writing a standard book review, as well as provide corroboration for students’ descriptors and analyses.

Book Review (Enrique’s Journey) Questions

Enrique’s Mother and the Decision to Emigrate

1. Discuss author Sonia Nazario’s thesis in Enrique’s Journey. What prompted her to write such a work?

2. How does the book begin? What prompts Enrique’s mother to flee her homeland and children?

3. How does Lourdes’s departure affect her immediate family? Explain in detail.

4. Where does Lourdes go? How does she survive her new homeland? What challenges does she face and how does she overcome these issues?

Enrique’s World

5. Why does Enrique decide to depart his homeland?

6. Discuss Enrique’s journey to the United States? What conditions does he face?

7. What are the typical conditions of children and mothers departing Latin America for the United States?

8. What are the greatest threats to the emigrants? How do they overcome their difficulties?

Enrique’s Reunion with Mother Lourdes

9. What is Enrique’s reception in the United States? Does Enrique find his mother? Discuss the reunion.

10. Why does Enrique find himself in constant trouble with the law? How do his actions affect his immediate family?

11. Discuss life back home for Enrique’s sister. What options are afforded to her and how do these make a difference in her life? What is life for her and her family?

12. What happens to Enrique and his family at the end of the book?

Author’s Intent and Conclusion

13. What is the author attempting to get across to the reader? Does she succeed? Explain.

14. Give your final assessment of the book. Does the book push you to reconsider your views on immigration? Why or why not?

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