Sports Media

Word count: 1,000 words.
Activity: Critically analyze an academic reading from the journal Communication and Sport.
Step one: Select a reading from the journal Communication and Sport. You will be able to access this journal through York Universitys on-line library portal. Article is provided.
Step two: In about 250 words, summarize the author(s)s central argument.
Step three: In about 250 words, identify the evidence that the author(s) uses to make their argument.
Step four: In about 500 words, assess the author(s) argument. Some questions you may want to consider include: Do you agree or disagree with the argument? Why or why not? Was the evidence the author(s) presented to make their argument convincing? How does the authors argument relate to real-life examples of sport in society? How does the authors argument relate to a broader theme that we have discussed in class or tutorial?
Tip: Focus on the ideas in the article. Avoid arguing that the article was easy/difficult to understand or poorly writtenthese assertions do not assess the ideas in the article.

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