Stakeholder Presentation

I need writing to create a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest and buy-in for the plan proposal developed for the paper 3. Relevant citation needed wherever possible. Scholarly language is important

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Just write with “slide – 1” to 10 as subheadings in a paper, don’t have to create slides. I just need the material to make slides, which I will make power point myself. Use bullets with around 50 – 60 words in each slide using citation wherever possible and add notes which I can use as narration for presentation.

In addition to summarizing the key points of paper 2 and 3 (attached), provide stakeholders and/or leadership with an overview of project specifics as well as how success would be evaluated—you will essentially be presenting a discussion of the Plan, Do, and Study parts of the PDSA cycle and Lewin’s Change theory

3 articles are provided, use any articles mentioned in the reference in paper 2 & 3 for reference, if needed

use no more than five bullet points and eight lines of text total per slide.

Use simple tables to show numbers, with no more than 4 rows x 4 columns.
Reserve more detailed tables for a written summary.
Summarize key information and provide explanation.
Discuss application and implication to the field, discipline or work setting.
Document the narration you would use with each slide.

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