stress management write 8 pages of the following decryption bellow

The goal of this project is for each student to develop a research paper to investigate and establish a plan to maintain effective personal stress management techniques. This paper will incorporate newly acquired stress management skills, and create a plan for stress management tools that have been effective for each individual.

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Type a 8-paged (minimum) double-spaced research paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with SUBHEADINGS including the following:

  1. Assessments (retake and compare)
    1. Complete the 8 assessments from Chapter 2 again. >> Complete chapter 2’s lab (2.2) in the text. 1) Type the results from ALL 8 of the assessments throughout chapter 2 (section I–Figure 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and Tombstone Test). 2) Analyze your results by completing section II of lab 2.2 and answering all the questions.
    2. Compare your results from all 8 assessments from the beginning of the semester (Self-Assessments and Reflection assignment) to the results from all 8 assessments from the end of the semester.
    3. How has your perception of stress changed or stayed the same?
    4. How has your perception of stress in your life changed or stayed the same?

* Please use resources and citations to support your statements.

2. SMART goals for your personal stress management plan:

    1. What THREE short-term changes (SMART goals) are you planning to make to help your overall stress levels (reduce or eliminate stressors)? (State specific examples to explain your goals and how you will implement them in your life to reduce your stress. Please use resources and citations to support your statements.)

* You practiced SMART goals with different topics, but for this paper, please focus on SMART goals to reduce your stress overall.

3. Stress management techniques

    1. Which THREE stress management techniques were most effective for you that you plan to maintain in your life?
    2. Please explain each technique in detail (e.g., what the techniques are and the method to practice it), and explain WHY these THREE? Please use resources and citations to support your statements.
    3. Explain when you have used these techniques (specific situations/stressors) and how they have reduced your stress and/or stress reactions.
    4. Did these three stress management techniques stay consistent throughout the semester, or change and vary depending on new techniques learned or different stressors?
    5. How will you continue to incorporate these THREE stress management techniques into your life and maintain them long-term?

Please cite in APA format WITHIN THE TEXT OF THE PAPER (author/organization, year of publication). A reference page needs to be attached to the end of the paper listing all of the references in APA format that you used to write the paper (not included in the 8 required pages). At least 5 different references need to be included in the research paper (one can be the text and the other 4 must be professional journal articles—if you are unsure about which resources to use, please ask (Wikipedia will NOT be accepted)).

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