Supreme court

Write a speech from your characters point of view about why they don’t like the New Deal and what they think should happen instead. We, the Supreme Court are strongly opposed to the legislations of the New Deal; we can declare that we will do everything in our power to stop President Roosevelt and his New Deal. As you may be aware, we have currently found two of President Roosevelt laws unconstitutional.
The National Industrial Recovery Act and the Agricultural Adjustment act but unfortunately by doing this we have angered President Roosevelt who is now a great threat to us. He sees us as a group of angry old republicans who have denied democracy by throwing out the laws that he was elected to pass. Unfortunately, he has recently taken the matter so far as to ask congress to give him the power to appoint 6 more Supreme Judges who dare I say would have been more democratic and more sympathetic towards the New Deal.
Thankfully, the American people caused an national outcry strongly against Roosevelt plans as they saw him as attacking the American system of government, The rumors that we have heard also suggest that even many of his close friends were strongly opposed to what he suggested and we are known pleased to say that yes, Roosevelt has realized that Hal plan to pack the court with his own allies does make him indeed appear to be a dictator and yes, he has backed down.

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He obviously knew that Congress would never approve. We, the Judges of the Supreme Court have been shaken by Roosevelt actions and we will definitely be less obstructive In the future, and will definitely be more cautious in the way we Interpret our duties, so It does appear to us that Roosevelt efforts haven’t all gone to waste. Although I hardly doubt he’ll be trying that again with us any time soon.

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