SWOT analysis

The role of HR function in strategic planning.  Strategic Planning is essential in any organization and this assignment will assist the student in applying the SWOT analysis.

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1) First: Explain, in your words, what is strategy and why is it important2) Second: Supply the following information Your Vision: Where you see yourself in the future (pick a time – 1 year, 5 years, down the road at some point- be specific or not it’s up to you)Your Mission: The goals you set in order to obtain the VisionStrategy to Achieve your Vision
         For Example:            Vision – To become a Registered Nurse (RN)           Mission – Obtain Degree and NC State Nursing License           Strategy to Achieve Vision – provide a detailed plan as to how you will achieve the Vision through the Mission, meaning what exactly do I need to do to become an RN 3) Third: Perform a SWOT analysis on yourself as it relates to your Vision/Mission/Strategy S – Strengths (Internal – your strengths) W – Weaknesses (Internal – your weaknesses) O – Opportunities (External – opportunities around you that will help you achieve your Vision, like FTCC for instance, family support, etc.) T – Threats (External – obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your Vision, like money or bills, family obligations, etc.)
 You may find this website helpful: 

Use one-inch margins. 
Use a 12-point Times New Roman font. 
Use double line spacing in the document. 
Use MLA Citation Style: (opens in a new window) or APA Citation Style: (opens in a new window). 
500 words

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