Sysco Company

  1. Sysco Corporation is a large distributor of food and food-related products to the food-service industry. The
    company provides its products and services to approximately 415,000 customers, including restaurants,
    health-care and educational facilities, lodging establishments, and other food-service customers. Although
    Cisco Systems, the leading supplier of data networking equipment supporting the Internet, is most visible in the
    business press, Sysco generates nearly $50 billion in sales annually and has more than 50,000 employees. Go
    to (Links to an external site.) and identify and explain three of the services Sysco
    provides. Give details, not just a list.
  2. Describe an approach FedEx could use to demonstrate the value it provides to a small manufacturer of
    gourmet cooking supplies. (Hint: What types of benefits could FedEx provide? This is key to understanding the
    solution to this question.)

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