Technology Essay

Everything that we do in our life is somehow connected with the use of modern technologies. The world of technology has a significant impact on people’s lives. A new unified world culture is being created in which traditions and distances are no longer of great importance. The task of technology is to create a world in which it would be better and easier for everyone to live.
Now the scientific world is faced with the task of finding effective ways to clean the environment and recycle garbage. New technologies have also dramatically changed the healthcare industry. Advances in diagnostic tools allow doctors to identify hidden diseases, increasing the chances of successful treatment and saving lives.
There are various arguments for and against the use of new technologies, but, in any case, today it is almost impossible to imagine life without them.

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Example 1: Technology Is a Hindrance
In recent times, technological advances have become an absolutely central part of our lives. Technological advances can gain access to various information and entertainment. However, it is said that technology is a hindrance, not a help, to students because they are distracted by technological advances and wasting too much too much time on computer games and other new technology. In my opinion, those technologies are the tool for students to learn and gain access information.
Take for example, when we have to do project or homework, we may need to search information, word process the content and present the project by using the computer. There is much information in the internet. When we want to make a birthday cake, we can search the recipe in the internet immediately. You can look up for the dictionary machine instead of the bulky cumbersome dictionary. At school, teachers use the projectors to teach instead of the textbook. Technology is a component of modern education.
Without it, students will not learn the skills they need to succeed in a global work environment which is increasingly dependent on new technology. For instance, Students who learn how to make graphs and how to use presentation software will learn some of the skills they need to work in many business environment. Moreover, because of the technology, the relationship between the students and teachers are more closed. If there are any questions that you want to ask the teachers, you can not ask them immediately.
Nevertheless, it is not a problem with the technology. You can call or email the teachers to ask for help. Through the technological advances, you can work and learn more effectively can efficiently. All these need the help of technology. However, there are also hindrances for students sometimes. There are many entertainment options such as computer games, television which is easy for students to get distracted. Students may make their time networking, entertaining on those technologies.
As a result, they will fine it hard to concentrate in class and lose focus on study easily. Yet, if students use those advances appropriately, will they still waste too much time on websites, networking? If they are self-discipline, it won’t be a hindrance for them. Contrary, they can learn to be self-discipline. Above all, technology does more goods than harms. I think technology is not a hindrance but a help when they have proper time management and a correct attitude to technology.
Example 2: Reflection Essay on Technology and New Technological Generation
The tremendous development in technology and the diversity in this industry have drastically changed the lifestyle of people in society. The progress in technology has good impacts as well as bad implications to people. In many ways, technology simplifies life,and it has many beneficial effects to the community and the human condition. On the other hand, the result of the technological progress has brought many complications to our lives.
However, the negative and positive effects of technology depends completely on people’s exposure to it and the use that they give it. To begin, the enormous progress in technology is responsible for the great forward revolution in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, warfare, transportation, information, medicine, communication and so on. The mass media, for instance, is one of the most representative areas. We have radio, television, telephones, Internet, and every other device that will fit in the palm of the hand.
Another example is the technological advance in the area of medicine that has introduced the latest tools to improve quality patient care. Furthermore, technology plays an important role in international trade because the world market has been globalizing by it. In other words, the most important contribution of technology to society is making the lives of common people much easier and helping them achieve what was previously not possible. On the other hand, the huge development in technology has also complicated life, and it has many negative effects on people.
First of all, the new technology in mass media changes cultural values and social behaviors by spreading ideas, values, behavior patterns within a society and among different groups. Some technologies also have negative effects on the environment, such as pollution, and lack of sustainability because they are designed to economic effects only. The new forms of entertainment, such as Internet, and video games have serious effects on children and adults causing obesity, laziness, and loss of personality.
In addition, through the Internet, the pornographic and gambling industries have been introduced for the various web sites. Therfore, the consequences of the technological advance does not only affect the people it also affect the planet. As a matter in fact, technology has been part of life on the earth since the advent of the human species like language, rituals, commerce, and the arts. Technology is an intrinsic part of human culture and it shapes society as well as is shaped by society.
However, the positive or negative effect of technology on society will depend on the choices that people make. These choices between increasing technology include, rising to consumer demands, products channels of distribution, and people’s ability to gain these products with ease. Other effects of technology are beliefs regarding to freedom of choice, materialism, consumerism, and the utilization of technologies just as people requests. To illustrate, technology could be used to maintain, prolong, or terminate a life depend on the patient’s desire.
Therefore, the difference in a person attitude towards technology is dependent on that person’s exposure to it rather that the notion she/he has of it. In conclusion, the technologies available to people greatly influence how their lives are as well as people have influence on technology’s development and how it is used. Indeed, the industrial revolution is still underway changing patterns of work and bringing with it the economic and social consequences. The more obvious economic effect of the industrial revolution is the depletion of nonrenewable natural resources such as petroleum, coal, and ores.
The social consequences of the technological modernization are the negative impact on people’s behavior and the creation of the new technological generation. However, people should take advantage of the technology advances and use it wisely in benefit to their lives. For example, people could use technology to create shortcuts in working and making tasks easy too. On the contrary, unfortunately, people could use technology to create weapons of massive destruction. Finally, we are the new technological generation, so not only the future of this civilization but the future of the planet is in our hands.
Example 3: Technology Changes Not Just Our Physical Environment
Technology has changed our world in many aspects and through many different inventions and advances. Technology has changed our world in mainly two aspects, our physical environment and our way of life. Our physical environment is defined as the buildings, the infrastructure around us. For example, the trains and cars we see every day, the air-conditioners present in buildings and such. Our way of life is how we actually go about doing activities; the way we deal with matters. Technology has changed our physical environment in cities greatly.
It has changed the physical environment, for example, the temperature in buildings, where a room can be cooled with air-conditioning. Technology has particularly changed the transport sector, where the infrastructure in current modes of transport are all made possible with the use of technology. For example, the cars, trains and buses we utilize as means of transport, were all created through the use of technology. The roads and vehicles that we see on our roads now were all only made possible through the use of technology.
Compare this to the past, where walking or bicycles were the main modes of transport before cars and trains were invented. The use of technology has also changed our physical environment in terms of pollution. With advances in technology such as industrialization, the use of cars and so on, harmful gases have been released into the atmosphere as a result of these activities. These gases result in our atmosphere having more harmful gases compared to the past, in a sense changing our physical environment.
Also, the innumerable tall buildings that we see in many cities around the world were only made possible by the use of technology; to ensure that the buildings would be stable even as the buildings were built higher and higher. Technology is used to constantly improve the quality of concrete so that it is stronger, and thus can be used for taller buildings. The chemical composition of cements and concrete is constantly modified through the years so that they are stronger, and will be more stable for higher buildings.
Furthermore, the speed at which tall buildings are being constructed now is a big change from the past. With the use of technology through inventions such as cranes in construction, buildings can now be constructed at much faster speeds than before. Cranes can put the blocks of concrete in place in a matter of minutes compared to the past, where the laying of one block of concrete could even take up to about one hour. In the ancient past, buildings like the pyramids took decades to finish constructing, compared to skyscrapers now, finishing construction in the p of a few years.
Technology has not only changed the physical environment, it has also made it easier and faster for man to impact the physical environment. Technology has not only changed our physical environment, but also changed our way of life, the way we go about doing activities. One way technology has changed our way of life is through communication. In the past, the main modes of communication were either travelling miles to meet the person or sending letters to each other.
These two methods of communication in the past took up much time, and the sending of letters was also not entirely reliable as letters could get misplaced along the way and such. Compared this to the present, where we now have reliable and speedy forms of communication. Current forms of communication are emails, text messaging and the use of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and so on. With such forms of communication, messages can be sent across oceans and seas in the matter of several seconds.
Technology has enabled humans to interact with each other at such high speeds, and it has changed the way many of us communicate with each other. Some even find it easier to communicate with others through the use of social networking platforms, resulting in some people being very introverted in real life, but appear extroverted and friendly on social networking platforms. This changes our way of life as it reduces the human to human interaction between humans, it transforms the conventional way of communication between humans.
Technology has also changed the structure of the family. Traditionally, women were expected to stay home to do the household chores and care for the children. However, with the advances in technology, household chores did not take up as much effort and time as compared to the past. This change enabled women to go out and have jobs, as it did not take much time and effort to settle household chores thanks to the advances in technology. Women being able to go out and work instead of being a housewife was one way the advance in technology changed the family structure.
The increased freedom of women to work has also further effects on the structure of the family. With the increasing employment of women, women are also given increased status and independence of action, something women did not have in the past. With this increased status and independence of action, there is an increased possibility of women initiating a divorce. The divorce rate has increased steadily in recent years in many technologically oriented countries. A divorce would mean the destruction of family, and this is another way technology has changed our way of life.
It can be seen that technology can change not only our physical environment, but also our way of life in terms of communication with others as well as the structure of the family, the basic social institution. All in all, technology has changed both our physical environment as well as our whole way of life. Technology has changed our physical environment in terms of our transport infrastructure, the height and speed at which our buildings are built and the atmosphere on earth. Technology has also changed our way of life, mainly through communications and also the structure of the family.
Example 4: Technology: A User Friendly for Students
Technology has transformed the society leaving people with no choice but to conform to the constant innovations and learn to rely on what the technology has to offer. The advent of the twenty first century has gone to a lot of discoveries and innovations that require the people to increase the living standards in a society that is rapidly and constantly changing. Today, technology is even requiring a higher quality of education (Clark, Sanders, & Stammen, 1997).
Apparently, the existence of technology gives people countless benefits to make lives more convenient. Students nowadays have been fortunate for having an advanced technology to be used for education purposes. Even though the society blames technology for the way it molds the young generation through the gadgets and modes of communication that give them independence, the advantages that these young people acquire from technology are evident.
Technology helps the students to communicate well and immediately get and receive information they needed for their studies. Moreover, technology makes easy transactions of the students inside and outside the schools. On the other hand, the idea of bringing technology outside the classrooms can be frightening because students always tend to look only at the benefits and convenience that it gives to the users. However, this may also open another opportunity to the young generation in attaining the real picture of the technological world.
Technology does not always bring negative impacts because the students still benefit from the newly-innovated products in the society. The online libraries, internet messaging, and word processing are just few of the benefits that students learn and enjoy through the use of technology. Proper teaching of faculty about the right usage and limited exposure of students to technological gadgets can make technology user friendly and beneficial for the young adults. Apparently, the extent of beneficial relationship between technology and users does not depend on how many gadgets a student has and how much he or she knows using them but having enough knowledge about technology and how to use them in proper ways can serve as the measurement of how these gadgets become friendly to its users.
Clark, V. L. Sanders, G. F. & Stammen, R. M. (1997). Building a User Friendly Environment: The Challenge of Tecnology in Higher Education. Retrieved December 3, 2008, from
Example 5: Advantages and Disadvantage of Technology
Technology changes and improvements have been applied in all sectors of the economy as well as the arms of the government.  Many employees and employers and the society in general embrace technology in different perspective depending on the impact it will cause on their lives.
The police department as many other sector has also been embracing technological changes to be able to deal well with the increasing cases of crimes.  Generally, any technology will either have a positive or negative impact on all stakeholders.
The recent technology that the police have continuously used is the use of stun guns and patrol car video surveillance to tackle criminal activities and provide protection to the citizens.
Use of the stun guns.
Stun guns are weapons that are aimed at disabling a victim temporarily by delivering high voltage electric shock.  There are various means in which the stun gun is used to a victim.  The aim of the stun gun to disable a victim but many people have ended up being killed by the used of guns.
Tasers are a type of stun gun now being used by the police in the United States “[Tasers] are designed to incapacitate by conducting 50,000 volts of electricity into your body.  The electrical pulses induce skeletal muscles spasms that immobilize and incapacitate, causing you to collapse to the ground”, (Indyhack 2007).
According to Eliot, more than 150 people have died in the US because of being struck by tasers since January 2001, and 61 in 2005.  Most of the death victims died because of being subjected to multiple or prolonged shock.  The police have been drawing the tasers so quickly even in cases that the use of such extreme force is not necessary.  For instance,
Deputies fired Tasers at a teenager who ran after not paying $1 bus fare, a 71 – year who refused to get into a police car, and partially deaf man who could not hear deputies ordering him to stop…About three out of four of those shocked by Seattle police were unarmed, (Indyhack 2007).
Apart form the abuse of the Tasser weapons by the police, the use of the Tasser can have side effect on the victim, in the long run. There is no any scientific proven research done to allay fears about the electrocuting of human beings by use of the gadget.
Taser only relies on two studies.  The studies were done by company paid researchers’ on a single pig in 1996, and on 5 dogs in 1999, (Indyhack 2007).  Because of lack of scientific research, health hazards cannot be ruled out.
Despite these problems associated with the use of the stun gun police, have vehemently defended the weapon use.  They argue that the weapon can be used rather than police handguns especially on victims who are armed with different weapons other than guns, or on victims who are mentally sick.  In this case, many lives will be saved because of the use of the less lethal weapons.
Patrol car video surveillance
Many people because of the fact that it has played a big role in preventing crime have welcomed the video surveillance technology.  This system is one of the technologies that have quite well used to control criminal activities in most cities, homes, business building and public places.
It has been widely accepted by many people that the surveillance system has highly reduced the cases of criminal activities, “Instead of being perceived as an Orwellian intrusion, the cameras in Britain proved to be extremely popular. They were hailed as the people’s technology, a friendly eye in the sky, not Big Brother at all but kindly and watchful uncle or aunt”, (Arroyo, 2002).
The problem with using the surveillance is when it is combined with other technologies such as biometric facial recognition, thermal sensing, infrared, and other that greatly enhanced human visual capabilities (Arroyo 2002).
If this system is used in line with the audio recording, the system will violate Title 1 of the Electronic Communications Act.  This is because the combination of the surveillance style and audio recording without a person’s knowledge is violating the person’s privacy.  This is especially a big problem if the police use the systems without being controlled, as they infringe on many rights of the people.
The other problem that is associated with this system is that it also implicates on peoples free social life.  The monitoring of peoples’ movement in the society implies that a person will not be a free man in his own society, as someone somewhere is watching his movements. This system seems to undermine the people’s way of life as well as compromising it.
Therefore, despite the fact that the surveillance might reduce many cases of criminal activities as some people argue, it at the same time causes destruction to the way of living of people and inducing the to conformity as one is not sure whether he is being watched or not.
 Those who argue for the use of the surveillance system, they do see that the issue of security has become more important than only the social part of life. Hence arguing for the continued use of the system.
Both use of the stun gun and the surveillance machine can be of much beneficial to the society only if they are applied in the correct manner that does not in any way infringe on a person’s rights.  Or else, as much as they are being applied as now, they have left many people’s rights abused.
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