Teen Genre

This assignment asks you to write a properly formatted analysis of the teen genre. You may analyze one of the two films assigned from Netflix, An Education OR Lady Bird

The essay should have a clear and focused academic thesis statement that explores and analyzes one specific convention of the teen genre within the context of your film. This could be a theme, character type, story formula, setting, symbol, or any other convention, trope, or motif you can identify. You could also write about a formal film element related to genre, such as soundtrack, a part of mise-en-scene, etc.

Just be sure you’re focusing on one thing, and making an argument about it.

This assignment should be in standard essay format, with an intro, body and conclusion. It should be heavy on the analysis, no summary needed, with lots of examples from the film itself to reinforce your thesis. No 1st or 2nd person. PROOFREAD

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