Terrorism response

Thread must reflect critical thought. There are two philosophical reference points that form the basis for our government, and by extension, our governments role in securing our borders.  These are (1) the Holy Bible, and (2) principles of self-governance as expressed in our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  These principles were frequently articulated by our Founders and are provided for you in the document entitled American Founding Principles (WILL BE PROVIDED). Relate the content to real-world applications with biblical perspectives and link back to at least one Founding principle . Also, a minimum of 1 source is referenced appropriately; cite any sources used.  More is better.

Terrorism preparedness and response (and attempts to prevent terrorism altogether) have added significant strain to already stretched state and local budgets. If local governments determine their own level of risk/vulnerability and act accordingly, other programs will suffer as a result of budget reallocations. Should local governments establish minimum standards and levels of preparedness, regardless of the impact on other programs? Consider and discuss the following:

1) What duty is owed by a local government for the protection/safety of its citizens?
2) If there is a duty to protect, how should that duty be balanced against other duties of government?
3) What options are available to meet the requirements of public safety, given the increased demands on scarce resources? (Be creative, think outside the box.)

Be sure to link back to one or more of the American Founding Principles.Your thread must be at least 275 words. This range is a minimum requirement, and NOT a maximum limit. You may write as much as you need to make your strongest arguments

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