The Aristotelian Analysis Paper

analyze a speech in terms of Aristotles ethos, logos, and pathos …



Introduction: A one-paragraph introduction, ending with a clear thesis statement that previews the three main points you will discuss (e.g., I will analyze this speech in terms of Aristotles three key components of a speech:  ethos, logos, and pathos).

Body: Three subsequent paragraphs or sections, each devoted to developing one of your main points (e.g., paragraph on ethos, paragraph on logos, and paragraph on pathos). In each paragraph/section:
State one proof and define/explain what the proof is/means (e.g., Ethos refers to .).
Identify the degree to which each Aristotelian proof is present within the speech and support with all of the examples that you see in the speech (e.g., This speaker establishes a high degree of ethos by specific examples from speech.). This means you dont want to be general, but, rather, be specific in your examples (e.g., when discussing logos in a paper,  dont just say the speaker used supportspecify the exact support used in that speech).

Conclusion:  A one paragraph conclusion that reviews the main points and then evaluates the overall effectiveness of the speech in terms of the ethos, logos, and pathos. Does the speech achieve its communicative purpose or intent?  Why/why not?  Answer this question in terms of the three proofs. Then end by noting the key take aways you have gained from completing this analysis.

Please note:  By the end of this paper, you should clearly identify a minimum of 10 different ways in which the Aristotelian proofs (ethos, logos, and pathos) are established or created in the speech (10 total, not 10 for each proof). For each of the 10 examples that you provide, bold, italicize, or in some other way highlight it, so that you will be able to see easily (as will I) that you have, in fact, provided 10 examples.

Use of public speaking principles to inform the analysis clarity of thought (points are easily understandable), and quality of writing (proofread).  This should be a critical analysis that shows some depth and insight into the application of ethos, pathos, and logos in oratory, and displays your knowledge of the finer aspects of public speaking.

A complete text of the speech analyzed must be attached or included or the website where the speech may be seen is given.

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