The benefits of caffeine intake in lung development of premature babies


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PICOT In premature babies in NICU, what is the effect of caffeine intake on increasing breathing and lung development, compared with no intervention within the first three weeks of age? INTRODUCTION ·      Introduces topic/issue and population ·      Discusses significance of topic/issue  BODY ·      Paragraphs are coherent with the organization of the body. ·      Discusses the findings from research related to nursing and collaborative interventions, any comparisons with other intervention modalities, and outcomes from research studies. ·      Reflects synthesis and integration of findings and implications as they relate to key concepts or themes, not a description of the details of each study. ·      Demonstrates critical thinking regarding findings and how this might impact nursing practice. ·      Written in student’s own words with minimal use of quotations. ·      Student discusses at least 6 research articles. ·      The paper may also include additional articles that provide background or significance information; these do not count toward the 6 research articles. SUMMARY ·      Summarizes the key concepts or themes. ·      Includes the student’s thoughts about how the cited research articles reflect evidence-based nursing. ·      Includes the student’s thoughts about whether the evidence is strong enough to lead to a change in practice. ·      If evidence is strong enough to recommend change – describes specifically how nurses would implement the evidence in practice. ·      If evidence is not strong enough to recommend change – describes what additional evidence should be gathered and what type(s) of studies would be used.  OVERALL ·      Paper at least 4 full pages in length (not including cover page and references) but no more than 8 pages (not including cover page and references) ·      APA – correct formatting for: font (¼ pt), margins (¼ pt), page numbers (¼ pt), running head (¼ pt), cover page format (¼ pt), section headers (¼ pt), double spacing & half inch indentations of paragraphs (¼ pt), references page format (¼ pt)      APA citations: appropriate format for citations; all cited sources are on reference page; quotations (if used) include page number in citation ·      APA references: all references are cited in paper; each reference includes all required elements (author, year, title, journal name, volume, issue if available, page number or electronic locator, URL/doi)       Grammar & spelling: proper word choice, correct spelling, correct punctuation, subject-verb agreement, avoidance of run-on sentences and fragments, spell out first use of abbreviations, spell out numbers less than ten

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