The Contentious Issue of Gun Control Essay

The Contentious Issue of Gun Control

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Judging from the events that have been unfolding in the U.S., it is easier for America to take on an external threat in comparison to an internal one. The fact that incidences involving mass shootings are targeting the nation’s underbelly, its children has further magnified the inner problems. According to Zane, since 2012, about 239 school shootings have been registered resulting in 168 fatalities and 438 casualties (para. 6). The complexity of the current issue stems from the fact that gun violence are on the decline relative to figures dating back. In 1993, 6.21 deaths were recorded for every 100,000 citizens while in 2016 the same measure indicated 3.4 killings (Zane para. 8). Current gun laws are permissive allowing for firearms numbers to increase greatly. The recent killings of students have called to question the conservatives and the liberals on the way forward relative to the country’s gun laws. In this regard, it is imperative to investigate the different positions regarding the issue of gun control and the supporting notions behind the different viewpoints. This essay highlights the benefits and demerits of both sides of the arguments concerning America’s unique firearms dilemma. The con side is held by conservatives who resist attempts to introduce gun control legislations while the pro side is assumed by liberals who support firearm regulations.

The Con Arguments

Conservatives continue to resist gun control legislations since they feel that the laws will infringe on their rights. Furthermore, they feel that further gun regulations will inhibit the safety of Americans.

Politicization of the Gun Issue

The political climate in America is reeling from the intense pressures on legislator to ensure mass shootings come to a definitive end. According to Stolberg et al., the liberals are taunting the conservative on the issue promising them a significant political price for failing support novel gun regulations (para. 6). The Republican Parties supporters are individuals who strongly believe that guns are a necessary component to ascertaining the right to self-defense. However, staunch advocates and protectors of the second amendment such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) leader believe that liberals are attempting to capitalize on a grim tragedy (Stolberg et al. para. 1). Such sentiments are founded on the belief that a safety

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