The controlling function

Phase V: Controlling

(Chapter 7: The Quality Imperative: Theory; Chapter 8: The Quality Imperative: Implementation; Chapter 11: Controlling & Allocating Resources)

Overview: The controlling function of management involves gathering information and monitoring activities and performance, comparing actual results with expected or desired results, and when appropriate, intervening to take corrective action. Controlling is a function of managers at all levels, and its basic purpose is to ensure that what is intended is done. Quality control, infection control, performance improvement, risk management, cost control, utilization review,
narcotics control, budgets, position control of staffing levels, and credentials review are all control or control-like activities.

Analyze the controlling function of your HSO by addressing the following areas:

Information Systems and Control
Investigate the type and effectiveness of the organization’s information technology
What information technology is implemented?
Do the HSO use EHRs?
Consider MDSS, CSS, CDSS

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