The First Railroad Track in the United States Built in 1830

Ok so my professor didn’t leave to many notes for this paper just the thesis needs to be more argumentized.

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Good list of sources and annotations!

On the thesis, it’s a good placeholder, but as you do more research, you’ll be able to make a definitive argument – how does it influence development, for ex?

So this paper is easier 5-6 pages you need to use at least 10 of the 12 sources I found can be used for the paper

All information can be used for the paper that i provided word for word just expand more

you need to Asnswer these questions in the paper

Analysis: Did the student provide the necessary analysis and answer all the posed assignment questions, including:

(1) How are events portrayed at the time? (ex. consult primary sources, such as newspapers, journals)

(2) How do we learn about these events today? (ex. consult textbooks, historical monographs)

(3) (Optional) What insights can gain by looking beyond national history? (consult scholarship outside the U.S.)

(4) How are these events remembered/memorialized? (ex. mythological stories, statues, artwork, protected spaces like national parks)

(5) answer one of the questions i created in the paper i provide

If you can do your citations like me that would be great

If you have any questions let me know

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