the music in india movie

One: Watch an Entire Indian Film

Choose any Indian film and watch it. There are many options (Links to an external site.) available on Netflix. Your main objective is to make connections between what you have learned about the Hindi film industry and the film you choose to watch.


  • Post the title of the film and an English translation (if applicable).
  • Comment on the use of music in the film by answering the following questions:
    • How many songs were there?
    • Do you think the songs enhanced or detracted from the action of the film?
    • Did you notice any traditional Indian music characteristics in the film?
    • What would have happened to the film if the musical numbers were taken out? Would the plot still make sense?
  • Find and share an example of at least one song from the film as part of your post. YouTube is preferred. Spotify or other streaming service is acceptable if no examples are available on YouTube.
  • Describe the song. What is its role or function in the film? Is it catchy? Do you like it? etc.
  • Why sing something when you can just say it? Consider the pros and cons of using music as a dramatic device. Use an example from an Indian filmi to support your argument.

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