The readings for this week discussed Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences

The readings for this week discussed Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. You might recall his original seven:

Linguistic Intelligence
Logical / Mathematical Intelligence
Spatial Intelligence
Musical Intelligence
Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence
And then there were two others proposed later:

Naturalist Intelligence
Existentialist Intelligence
For this assignment I’d like you to perform a self-assessment. What do you think your abilities are along a few of these domains of intelligence? In which form of intelligence do you feel you excel? Which one do you have the greatest difficulty with? Back up your responses with examples that demonstrate your abilities and your difficulties. As an example I did it myself. It was actually kind of fun.

With all the writing I do I think I’m pretty strong on linguistic intelligence. Given how well most of you have been doing in the course I’d say the readings must be comprehensible. And logical / mathematical intelligence would seem to be a strength as well. I’ve been successful at putting together logical arguments myself and analyzing data and drawing conclusions from it. In general, I’m pretty good with numbers. And of course, I’ve done lots of computer programming. I’d say I also have pretty good interpersonal intelligence. I get along with people, have little difficulty striking up a conversation and make friends readily. And I think I have a decent sense of humor. It all kind of fits with being a college professor doesn’t it? Finally, spatial intelligence is another area I’m pretty good at. With my side job as driving instructor I’ve learned how to get anywhere in the county north of National City. So my cognitive mapping is good.

However, although I love good music and can recognize and hold a song in my head, I think my musical intelligence is average. I’ve never played an instrument. I can’t imagine composing lyrics, much less the music itself. And there is no doubt that I do not have high bodily kinesthetic intelligence. My handwriting is terrible. I’ve been typing for over 40 years and I still constantly make mistakes that I have to go back and correct. I’ve literally stubbed my toe just walking across the carpet in an open space. Sports was not something I excelled in either. I played baseball a couple seasons while in High School. They put me in right field. Anyone who’s played baseball knows that’s where you put the worst one on the team. And dancing? No, you don’t don’t want to see me dance.

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