Theory Analysis of The Social Control Theory


1. Identify the origins of the theory
a. Its initial development

2. Examine its meaning
a. Its concepts and how they are related
b. Examine the specific verbiage used by the theorist

3. Analyze the logical adequacy of the theory
a. The logical structure of the concepts and statements independent of their meaning
b. Does it appear to explain behavior?

4. Determine how useful the theory is
a. How practical and helpful is the theory to the discipline?
b. Does it provide understanding or predictable outcomes?

5. What is the degree of generalizability and is it parsimonious?
a. How simply and concisely can it be stated and still be complete?
b. How well does it apply to behavior?

6. Can it be tested
a. Can it be supported by empirical or qualitative data?

Only use Peer review Scholar such as (GOOGLE SCHOLAR), Peer review literature, and .gov.
DO NOT USE websites of .org or .com for this assignment. Make sure you use in text citations often. Masters graduate writing level only!!

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